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KhooshNoosh company of Hamadan with the licence No of Iso 9001:2008, was Established in 1353 under registration No. of 571 and was operated in 1354 which in the first years of operation, Coca cola & Canada dry were some of trade names of this company, which after the Islamic revolution of Iran and with sanctions that were imposed by western countries. Could compete with other competitors to produce products with a trade names of Parsicoola, Shad Noosh, and Alvand Noosh with employees ambitios and their effort this company could produce drinks with different tastes and flavours by changing their form and flavor including drinks with the flavor of natural distillations such as mint.

By considering to the importance of quality which is one of the company's programs, this company could develop significant changes in quality of its product by installing and starting water treatment system (reverse osmos) which this unit can reduce the water's effluent to a standard level.

General goals of members of board of directors in relation to quality's policies

By considering to transfer of all of this company’s stocks to private sector which is one of the 9th governmental plans (programs) at the second half of 1390, this event happened event in the history of khooshNoosh and stoek holders Tried to promote the level of quality with the help of mighty God and their own experience in context of economical activities and set out 5 principles in top of their future programs. These principles are as following:

1- Increase of quality and variations in products.

2- Promotion of efficiency in the unit by raising up the necessary training to the personnel and by considering that, this (type) of training causes the views of the employees to be changed.

3- Renovation and (development) of utilities and machineries.

4- Presence in the consumption markets by the systems of automation and email marketing.

5- Considering to (bio) environmental issues in process of production of product.

Future plans of the company

Future plans of members of board of directors is consideration to giving varieties to products, which is the first item of company's policies and is as follow:

1- Important and effective role in context of promotion in quality of drinks with new brands which at the moment, process of registration of trade mark is being proceeds

2- Production of en enriched drinks for different ages and with different rates of activities.

3- Installation and making operative production line for non alchoholic beverages with different flavours (tastes)

4- Production of mineralized and drinkable water.

5- Installation and making operative, the production line of conned drinks.


Unit of production line for bottled drinks

Unit far Production line of gaseous drinks in glass bottles which is consists of two complete lines as follows:

Line 1: is made of ortman company of Germany practical production of this line is 850 boxes perhous.

Line 2: is made of ortman company of Germany practical of this line is 900 bottles perhour.

Unit for production of PET

Unit for production of PET consists of labling Machine and packing Machine (shearing Machine), which their technical specification are as below:

Filler (filling Machine): this Machine consists of 32 filling valve of jaw type, 24 jaw reverser for washing and cleaning of bottles and with eight special head. It’s nominal capacity of this machine is 4000 bottle of 5.1 L or 9000bottle of 300 cc (ml) per hour. This machine is three block type with PLC control.

Labling unit: this machine has the ability to lable on the circular side and its nominal capacity is 6000 lable per hour or 4500 bottle of 5.1 L per hour.

Paring Machine (shearing machine). This machin consists of a pneumatic type sorting unit which after connecting its input rail to the output of labling unit, automatically and without need to any labor, sorts the bottles to different arrays and its mominal copasity is 8 package of six pars. Per min.


Unit for producing sherbet for drinks.

This unit for producing different type of syrups or sherbet in cola and orange type, drinks enables this company to provide the needs for most of drinking industries.


Quality control and laboratory unit

Responsibities of this unit which has the most experienced experts and modern controlling devices and instruments is to contral the product during and after production and tests the chemical and microbioal parameters, until issue the final authorization to leave the factory.

This unit has one of the most equipped units in the country.

Unit for producing oral co2 gas.

Unit for producing oral co­2 gas consists of two lines with following specifications:

1- line1 – Union - Danish made which it's nominal capacity is 1000 Kg per hour.

2- line 2 – Whit man machine – American made (made in U.S.A) with a nominal capacity of 300 Kg per hr. II is worthed to mention that, the output product has the purity of 99.98% which is completely compatible with universal standards for drink industries and the produced gas in this unit, beside as providing the factory's needs this unit is provider of the large portion of other industries in the country.

Unit for treatment of industrial sewage (Treatment facilities)

This treatment facility is biological treatment type.

Treatment facilities type (active slime) which is located at the and of factory and was operated in 1365 and is consists of following parts:

1- Sedimentation basin and the initial sewage.

2- Pumping station of sewage to main treatment facility.

3- Basin for collecting the sediments.

4- Secondary sedimention beds.

5- De oiling basins

6- Acid injection and resulting PH of input sewage to the system

7- basin for injection of nutrient material

8- for returning the active slime to aeration basin which has a horizontal system and four vertical aeration system and separate parts of sprinkler in both sides of aerates basin.

9- conical basin for sedimentation.

Colorizing basin for sandytanks (2 tanks)

By considering proper activity and desired quality at the moment performance of operation of treatment system for output swage has the environmental factors and are at the standard level.

Unit for production of plastic Boxes

this unit for producing polyethylene Boxes that are used for glass bottles and is consists of 4 separate injection molding for production the boxes and one machine as a miller which their technical specifications are follow:

- Each one of the 4 machines are used to produce plastic boxes with the weight of 3750/600 Kg machines are made of Germany and are able to produce the plastic parts from 10 gr to 35 kg with the best quality.

- Granule making machine which is made of Germany and it’s capacity is 90 Kg per hour.

Reverse Osmosis treatment system in Khoosh Noosh company of Hamadan

To promote the quality level in flavor of products, this Company has purchased and installed an advanced system of reverse osmosis treatment.

This system is capable to treat the water quality to an international standard level.

This system is capable to reduce the water’s sediments by %99 and causes the bacteria and viruses and other microorganisms to eliminated by 100%.

Comparison of our products with other similar products is proof of our claim.

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